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How To Smash Your Commission Goals In 2023

If you want to bring consistency and predictability to your prospecting and smash your income goals, keep reading as this could be a game-changer for yourself or your team.

In a sec, I’ll show you how agents like yourself are adding 20 – 40 exclusive appraisal opportunities, every single month with motivated sellers.

All without cold calls, door knocking, mailers or blowing your budget with expensive shared leads who never pick up the phone…all using our “automated listing machine”

The reality is that we are experiencing one of the toughest markets in recent years. Housing inventory is extremely limited and it’s getting more competitive and harder to find quality listings.

Add the busy demands that come with this industry and it’s no wonder you are struggling to get ahead by just relying on old-school manual prospecting. There’s got to be a better way.

Based on lots of research and testing, we’ve developed the “automated listing machine”, our priority system for generating consistent results.

You see, there are 3 fundamental pillars when it comes to automating listings generation.

  1. Pillar #1: Local reach amplification
  2. Pillar #2: Automated follow-up and conversion
  3. Pillar #3: Tracking, optimising and scaling.
  4. Pillar #4: Get more customers from your database

Pillar #1: Local Reach Amplification

By leveraging the biggest technology platforms today: Google, Facebook, and Instagram, we turn you into the local agent celebrity and get in front of as many homeowners as possible.

As a result:

  • It allows us to position you as the “No.1 Go-To” Agents In the Area so that you are top of mind as prospective homeowners evaluate their options.
  • While you are being seen by the thousands in your area, the targeted ads are also able to capture qualified listing opportunities and send them directly into your pipeline and inbox.
  • You get warm leads who’ll actually respond when you reach out. These are people that are reaching out to you directly.


The best part of this is, that everything will be running in the background, while you keep doing what you do best. And we actually GUARANTEE a minimum, not a total, 20 of those listing opportunities will come into your pipeline every month.

Pillar #2: Automated Follow-up & Conversion

While getting the lead is essential. it is only the first step and about 50% of the way there.

We’ve invested heavily in our very own A.I. based lead nurture system which first qualifies the prospects on the front on your behalf by asking them a series of qualification questions and by answering those questions they qualified themself.
In your case, it would be “How soon do you want to sell?”, “What is the reason for selling?” and “What is your residential address? so that goes alongside their basic information such as names and phone numbers.

Secondly, Once the prospect completes the questions, they will then be added to our pipeline and our A.I system then kick off a series of Email and SMS sequences to initiate touch points and conversation with them on your behalf so that by the time you speak to them, they are pretty much warmed up.

This is a very important part of our process because it allows our agents to SAVE TIME not having to manually qualify and follow up with prospects while at the same time building trust and increasing touchpoints with the existing pipeline.

The best part here is that all the content in terms of Email and SMS follow-up script has been written for you, tested, and proven in the Australian Market and is designed to keep nurturing prospects for an entire 6 MONTHS’ worth of sequences. This means that even if they are not ready to work with you, you are still staying top of mind.

Pillar #3: Tracking, Optimising & Scaling

By this stage, you have listing opportunities coming to your business but we don’t stop there, our goal here is to set the system up to serve the business for the long term.

We give our agents FREE access to our CRM [Customer Relation Management] system which allows them to have a visualized pipeline when it comes to their opportunities. So, you can see, those who are cold, warm or hot base on their conversation with our AI.

You will see the exact data number of leads, appointments, and appraisals in the pipeline so that in the future you can make decisions based on data, not emotion.

And On our end, we have a dedicated Ad manager for your account that will monitor your ads 24/7 to make sure you can get the most amount of leads at the cheapest cost per lead in your area.

Because we’re setting this up for long-term growth, you will also get added to your own dedicated support channel and weekly accountability meeting to make sure all is tracking well.

Bonus pillar: Unlock the Potential of Your Database

The beauty about this is that if you already have a database of prospects, we’ll help you extract hidden opportunities through our “Database opportunity mining campaigns”.

This means you’ll have more warm leads without spending a penny on advertising.

With the 3 pillars in place, you can expect:

Why You'll Love Working With Us

Latest techniques

We leverage the latest technologies and best practice digital marketing trends to ensure your results are consistent even as trends and the market change.


Our clients enjoy full exclusivity to 3-5 target areas, postcodes, or zip codes of their choice. This gives you real cut-through, market dominance and better results.

Support & Accountability

With your very own dedicated account manager, you’ll have full visibility of what’s going on and have someone to talk to if you have any questions or concerns.

Performance Guarantee

It’s very simple if we cannot hit the targets we promised to deliver, then we don’t get paid a dime. We are here to grow your business not to collect lazy retainers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. Most digital marketing solutions offered to real estate agents are around building your brand or promoting your current listings.
And while that is good, you want a solution that not only helps you build a brand but also helps you automate your prospecting and generate leads reliably.

Every lead will send your way will be exclusive to you and never shared. All marketing is done on your own brand and these are people who have actually filled out a form and enquired to talk to you.

Wet a good mix of people looking to sell as well as motivated homeowners actively searching for the values of their homes. With good follow-up (thanks to our AI system), these leads can quickly turn into listing appointments.

Yes. Once you take you on, we don’t work with other agents in your local area. This is a win-win for everyone, you become the “No.1 Go-To” Agents in the area and bring in a tonne of leads and we have happy clients and more effective campaigns.